Is anyone wondering what the point of this site is?

Good, I was a little worried there.

As some of you may have guessed (well, most of the people who visit this site know me so they already know), I really like puppies. I think puppies (and most animals, really) are much better than people. Have you ever heard of a dog mugging somebody for their spare change? Of course you haven’t. That doesn’t happen. They’re better then that.

Anyways, the purpose of this site. People do not understand puppies. Dobby, my puppy, wants to change that. You know why the site’s called That Fluffy Puppy? This is his site. I’m just typing for him because of the biggest downfall of fluffkind: their lack of opposable thumbs. Or even fingers. You could type without thumbs. It would just be very awkward hitting the space bar, that’s all.

But, we can talk about this all we want, Dobby still can’t type.

The thing is, I will be posting various things about puppies. It could be anything from a news story to me talking about dog psychology. I am currently working on a slideshow on different kinds of puppies you have never heard of unless you are someone I actually know.

I have to get back to working on the slide show now, check in later!


2 thoughts on “Is anyone wondering what the point of this site is?

  1. when are you going to finish the slide show of the prancing puppies? are you going to post on this sight when your done?


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