Why are there still puppy mills?!?


Basically a puppy mill is an abusive breeding facility. The dogs are kept in cages, which are often stacked on top of one another. They do not receive veterinary care. The puppies are taken from their mothers as soon as possible. The breeding females are bred every time they go into heat, which is not only bad for them but also decreases their littler sizes. When their breeding dogs are no longer of any reproductive use, they kill them. There are some agencies that will adopt these dogs to prevent their deaths, but the point of a puppy mill is to make money, and a dog that is no longer getting them more puppies is just one more mouth to feed. If no one is there to take the dog right away, it dies. They’re not going to pay to feed something that isn’t making that money back.

Why do they still exist? Because some people are greedy jerks who will do anything to get money and don’t care who or what gets hurt or even if it’s legal. So, the same reason there are still drug dealers. Hey, maybe the people who own puppy mills would have been drug dealers, except they didn’t want to hurt people but they didn’t mind hurting animals at all. Also, puppy mills are hard to find because the owners don’t tell anyone how they’re getting all the puppies and the police can’t get a warrant to search the building without solid evidence of abuse. But, it’s hard to find that evidence… without getting a warrant and searching the building. You can see how this is a problem.

I really hope that the government will actually do something about puppy mills asides from making them illegal. Usually I wouldn’t say this, but the police need more power. It is far too difficult for them to get a warrant to take out a puppy mill. If this continues the way it has for the past few years, there will always be puppy mills that police won’t be able to identify. This sort of cruelty has to stop. And it’s not just the government that has to take action. Be aware. Where did that dog come from? Has it ever received veterinary care? What are those sounds coming from your neighbour’s basement. I can’t judge your neighbours, I’ve never met them, but hey, for all you know… (sorry, I’ve read too many dystopian novels, and now I’m suspicious of everything)

Like this post if you want puppy mills to be eradicated.


6 thoughts on “Why are there still puppy mills?!?

  1. I agree with you Sista, puppy mills are cruel, and guess what? to anyone who does drugs, Smart puppies don’t do drugs…its the stupid humans who do.


  2. this site is called “That Fluffy Puppy” not “That Fluffy Bunny” as my bestie said,bunnies have nothing to do with this. this is 100% Puppies!


  3. i agree, puppy mills sound awful! but bunnies are still good, even though they have nothing to do with this sight.


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