Summeries of Dog Breeds

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, so here’s a post on dog breeds:

Labrador Retriever: Comes in black, brown, and gold. These dogs are very friendly and easy to train. And they like retrieving things.

Pit Bull: Also very friendly, pit bulls are energetic and strong. They have a bad rap from people abusing them, but they are really very loving dogs.

Husky: Practically made of energy, they have to run all day to be tired. Not a good family pet, as they need more exercise then the whole family put together.

Dalmatian: Fast and athletic dogs, they are not as strong as huskies. They are often used as show dogs.

Poodle:Good-natured retrieving dogs, bred for the water. Often subjected to haircuts that ought to be considered animal abuse.

Great Dane: They are very big. A jumpy great dane should not be around small children.

German Shepherd: Normally gentle, they are very protective of their owners. When they are around people they like, they start thinking they’re lapdogs.

Collies: Friendly and eager to please. Like to chase things.

Bichon Frise: Small dogs that can grow afros. What could be better?

Chihuahua: The sassy little princesses of the animal kingdom.

Maltese:One of the few animals that can trip over its own hair.

Papillion: Looks like it should be the sassy little princess of the animal kingdom.

Yorkshire Terrier: This is what Dobby is. They are friendly and excitable. I can tell you from experience that this breed has the capacity to be extremely intelligent or downright stupid. The stupid ones are very funny. Dobby is one of the stupid ones. It’s amazing he hasn’t gotten himself killed.

Pretty much any Terrier: Yappy and excitable.

Any of the Toy or Teacup versions: Condemned to spend their lives in somebody’s purse because a) fashion and b) walking would be to dangerous for them because they could be stepped on or killed. But mostly fashion.


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