Why Pit bulls are illegal



Some people may look at that article and think that the problem was that the grandmother owned an animal she should’ve known was too dangerous to have near her granddaughter. The way I see it, the problem is that people look at these animals and somehow delude themselves into believing they understand them, when they clearly don’t. If you look at it, really examine the problem, it’s obvious that the fault lies with humans. When the police arrived at the scene, they shouldn’t have wasted their time finding out what breed the dog was, they should have found out where the grandmother obtained the dog from. It might have been a puppy mill, which could explain the dog’s behavior. It would have to have come from an abusive breeding facility of some kind, or trained by its owner, to demonstrate violent tendencies like that.

The actual reason that pit bulls are illegal is because the people in charge think that all dogs of any breeds considered to be pit bulls are naturally predisposed to violence. THIS IS A LIE. ALL dogs follow the same basic psychological principals. If a dog is violent, that’s because the way it was raised caused it to fear and distrust humans. Any dog of any breed that was raised the same way would exhibit the same tendencies. Any differences would be caused by some very slight differences in the mental makeup of various breeds. For instance, most breeds were bred for specific purposes, and the games and activities they enjoy, as well as their exercise requirements, tend to reflect that. Some breeds like to play fetch, and others prefer tug-of-war. So, a smaller dog breed that spent most of its time locked in a yard, with a 2-hour walk each day and its owners making time to play with it when they could, would probably not develop violent tendencies or fixations, especially if it was a lapdog breed, as those would not need as much exercise as terrier breed might. Compare that to a husky in the same conditions. It would probably not become violent, though it may be overly rambunctious when it was played with, but it would most likely develop fixations. Huskies were bred to run around pulling a heavy load behind them all day. That 2-hour walk isn’t going to cut it. They will inevitably attempt to findĀ other outlets for their energy. They will bark at squirrels and cars and anything else they see that moves. If you’ve ever felt that same restless energy before, you’d have to be a real jerk to blame the dog for behaving the way it does. Huskies make bad family pets not because they are unfriendly-they can be just as friendly as other dogs-but because they usually need more exercise then the entire family put together. Their exercise requirements make them a bad fit for most families. If you look at it, the problem is that some pet owners are abusive and most of the others just don’t know how to take care of their pets.

Really, pit bulls are illegal because they were bred to have physical traits that make them good at fighting, so lots of people trained them to fight, and then everyone else thought they were just vicious. If they’re going to ban pit bulls, then they might as well ban every other animal that is physically capable of harming someone and has attacked a human at any point in history. And that would be a massive number of animal species, so they wouldn’t be able to do that. If they won’t ban those other animals, why should they ban pit bulls? All those other animals that attack humans are just trying to survive, and pit bulls are no different. They’ve just been abused to the point where they can perceive almost anything as a threat. And the government, as usual, is taking the wrong approach. Instead of cracking down on animal abuse and illegal breeding facilities, to prevent those animals from becoming dangerous, they ban the animal so that they can easily eliminate all of them, dangerous or not. That means that some family, somewhere, could own a pit bull, and it could be the sweetest, most harmless animal alive, and one day the police could find it and all they would have to is confirm it was a pit bull, or even part pit bull, and then they could just shoot it and leave. No compensation for the family-and even if there was, it would be no replacement for a loving, devoted pet. A pet is just as irreplaceable as any other member of your family. There will never be another dog just like Dobby, and that holds true for all animals.

It`s just wrong.


Is anyone wondering what the point of this site is?

Good, I was a little worried there.

As some of you may have guessed (well, most of the people who visit this site know me so they already know), I really like puppies. I think puppies (and most animals, really) are much better than people. Have you ever heard of a dog mugging somebody for their spare change? Of course you haven’t. That doesn’t happen. They’re better then that.

Anyways, the purpose of this site. People do not understand puppies. Dobby, my puppy, wants to change that. You know why the site’s called That Fluffy Puppy? This is his site. I’m just typing for him because of the biggest downfall of fluffkind: their lack of opposable thumbs. Or even fingers. You could type without thumbs. It would just be very awkward hitting the space bar, that’s all.

But, we can talk about this all we want, Dobby still can’t type.

The thing is, I will be posting various things about puppies. It could be anything from a news story to me talking about dog psychology. I am currently working on a slideshow on different kinds of puppies you have never heard of unless you are someone I actually know.

I have to get back to working on the slide show now, check in later!