What kind of puppy are you?

This is not hard. I will publish the questions, and you can post your answers in the comments so it will look like: 1*answer here* 2 *answer here*. I will reply to your comment with your results. Afterwards, click the link at the end to learn more about that kind of puppy!

Anyways, here are the questions (this may have updates):

1: What is your favorite food?

2: What is your favorite sport?

3: What is your favorite activity?

4: What is your biggest fault?

5: Have three friends each give an adjective they thinks describes you.

6: What is your favorite colour? You must post a picture of the colour or describe it in great detail.

7: How do you feel?

8: How do you react when threatened?

9: What is your favorite time of year and why?

10: Answer both:

a)What is your name?

b) What do you wish your name was?

11: What body position and temperature do you sleep best in?

12: What was your most recent/most frequent nightmare?

13: What are your three worst fears?


When you get your results, check this site to learn more about the puppy you are most like!


Please note that it may take a day or two before you get your results. You could opt to receive emails whenever a new comment is posted so you’ll know when your results have arrived, but you would keep getting additional emails whenever someone else did the test, which could be rather annoying. Just keep checking until I post your results.


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